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Comprehensive fields of products, from Animal Nutrition and health and supplying Agricultural crops, Food, and Herbal Extracts and more.

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Barmak Tejarat Aria Company, serves as distributing world leading animal nutrition, health and performance products.

Your Reliable Source to find Premium Quality Products 

Meeting your International Business needs for Agricultural crops, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical material, Chemicals, Polymers and Plastic Products

Solutions For a Sustainable Future

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Product Fields:

  • Animal Feed Additives
  • Agricultural Products
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical Material
  • Herbal Extracts

About Us

Barmak Tejarat Aria Corporation has two separate business departments:

 – Barmak Co. Animal Nutrition and Health Department:

Where it started up as distributing world leading animal nutrition, health and performance products.

The team of experts are carefully selecting the most innovative, effective and state of the art products of global Animal Nutrition and health brands to be introduced and offered to the Poultry, Livestock, and Aquaculture farmers and feed millers of the country with exquisite technical support and seminars for improvement and well being of the Animal production industry of the nation.

– Barmak Tejarat – Food products trading department:

Barmak Tejarat Trading segment is supplying and exporting a comprehensive group of food and agricultural products including Herbal Extracts, representing key local suppliers for marketing and international distribution of organic products among his team of International Trade.

  • Animal Nutrition and Health

    Acidifiers, Toxin Binders, Enzymes, Vegetable Fat Powders

  • Agricultural Products

    Pistachio, Sultana Raisin, Date Fruit, Black Tea, Saffron

  • Herbal Extracts

    Licorice Extract Powder, Licorice Extract Block, DGLE

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We are open to hear your precious suggestions or ideas about how to improve our services to your valuable businesses.

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General Inquiries

Would you have any queries about our products or our services, You may find us through Office Phone numbers: +98(21)44288112، +98(21)44288738، +98(21)44284043, or Fax number: +98(21)44288381 or the corporate address at No.804, Goldis Tower, 2nd Sadeghieh Sq. Tehran – IRAN with Postal code: 1451796793 and also our general inquiries email address at info@barmak-co.ir

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