Who we are and What we do

Barmak Tejarat Aria Corporation has two separate business departments:

 – Barmak Co. Animal Nutrition and Health Department:

Where it started up as distributing world leading animal nutrition, health and performance products.

Renowned eng. Taghi Khalighi Sigaroudi (B.Sc.) Chairman of the company and Sr. Technical Director of the department, holding more than 30 years operative experience of establishment and production management of most influential Poultry farms of the country from Broilers, Parents and Grand Parents stocks breeding, from A to Z establishments and technical advise through different geographical regions of Iran introducing world’s leading poultry breeders and products inside the country along with his team of experts are carefully selecting the most innovative, effective and state of the art products of global Animal Nutrition and health brands to be introduced and offered to the Poultry, Livestock, and Aquaculture farmers and feed millers of the country with exquisite technical support and seminars for improvement and well being of the Animal production industry of the nation.

– Barmak Tejarat – Food and Agricultural crops trading department:

Barmak Tejarat Trading segment is supplying and exporting a comprehensive group of food and agricultural products including Herbal Extracts, representing key local suppliers for marketing and international distribution of organic products among his team of International Trade.

Taghi Khalighi Sigaroudi (B.Sc.)

Taghi Khalighi Sigaroudi (B.Sc.)


Taghi Khalighi Sigaroudi (B. Sc.)
Born: 21.03.1954
Animal Husbandry engineering alumni of the University of Shiraz, 1978
* Managing Poultry breeders farms of Toos Mashhad in 1979 for 1 year
* Managing Zarbal Amol chicken meat production complex from 1981 until 1992 for 11 years
* Member of the Board at Zarbal Amol chicken meat production complex from 1981 until 1985 for 4 years
* Founder, CEO and Production Manager of Zarbal Grandparents (GP) poultry production company from 1992 till 1997 for 5 years
* At the time of my management in Zarbal GP company, about 40% of breeders hatching eggs, day-old broiler breeder at roughly two million chicks a year were produced by the company.
* At the time of my management, different world breeds was studied, inspected and finalized thus the Grandparents breed of the “Ross” from England been selected, introduced and bred in IRAN in Zarbal GP farms.
* Growing dozens of broilers and parent stocks of Lohmann, Hubbard, Hybro and etc. in Zarbal Amol and other manufacturing firms in the Country.
* Spending tens of experimental short-term courses (15-30 days) on specific poultry production field in Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK over 16 years.
* Translator of the reference book “Commercial Chicken Production Manual by Mack O.North & Donald D.Bell” published in IRAN about 25 years as textbook and reference book used by all related scholars and specialists in universities across the country.
* Presenting many seminars and writing dozens of scientific and applied papers in local poultry publications
* Consulting tens of breeders and broiler in the country for 5 years
* Technical Management of livestock and poultry feed additives Importation and distributorship companies on enzymes such as phytase and multi-enzymes for 10 years
* Technical and Sales Management of livestock and poultry fat powders and Acidifiers importing companies for 10 years
* In total, having specialized work experience for 37 years so far.